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IMU-Net 36c: August 2009

Special issue on the speakers invited to
lecture at ICM 2010 in Hyderabad

The International Mathematical Union prepares the list of
invited speakers of an International Congress with extreme
care. The PC/OC Guidelines, see
state in the beginning:
"Every ICM should reflect the current activity of mathematics
in the world, present the best work being carried out in all
mathematical subfields and different regions of the world,
and thus, point to the future of mathematics. The invited
speakers at an ICM should be mathematicians of the highest
quality who are able to present current research to a broad
mathematical audience."

The IMU president chooses the chair of the program committee
(Hendrik Lenstra for ICM 2010), then the IMU Executive
Committee selects, together with the PC chair, the other
members of the program committee, which then decides on
the structure of the next ICM (sections and their definition,
number of lectures, etc.), and selects panels for each
section, which recommend the persons to be invited to speak.
The PC then composes the scientific ICM program taking such
issues as gender balance, geographical/regional distribution,
representation of developing countries and of subfields
of mathematics into account (as long as these considerations
do not compromise mathematical quality).

This complicated process has now ended. The ICM 2010 Organizing
Committee has invited all mathematicians selected by the PC,
and almost all have accepted this very special honour.

There are two types of Invited Lecturers: Plenary Speakers
who will speak for one hour without any parallel activity
and Sectional Speakers lecturing for 45 minutes with five
to seven of such lectures in parallel. There will be
twenty plenary lectures:

1.  David Aldous, USA
2.  Artur Avila, Brazil and France
3.  R. Balasubramanian, India
4.  Jean-Michel Coron, France
5.  Irit Dinur, Israel
6.  Hillel Furstenberg, Israel
7.  Thomas J.R. Hughes, USA
8.  Peter Jones, USA
9.  Carlos Kenig, USA
10. Ngo Bao Chau, USA
11. Stanley Osher, USA
12. R. Parimala, USA
13. A. N. Parshin, Russia
14. Shige Peng, P.R. China
15. Kim Plofker, USA
16. Nicolai Reshetikhin, USA
17. Richard Schoen, USA
18. Cliff Taubes, USA
19. Claire Voisin, France
20. Hugh Woodin, USA

For the list of Sectional Speakers and Panel Discussions,
please consult:

Since questions of statistics are often asked after
the publication of the list of Invited Speakers, here
is one such summary:

Statistics concerning plenary and sectional
invited speakers who accepted to lecture at ICM 2010:
(Fractions are due to joint lectures and shared affiliations.)


USA            12
France          2.5
Israel          2
China           1
India	        1
Russia          1
Brazil          0.5

total plenary: 20
female:         4
male:          16

(counting only the chairs for the panel discussions in section 19)

USA            57
France         19
Germany        15
UK             12
Israel          6.5
Canada          6
India           6
China	        5 (excluding Hong Kong)
Japan           5
Russia          4
Switzerland     4
Belgium         3
Denmark         3
Australia       2
Finland         2
Italy	        2
Netherlands     2
New Zealand     2
Austria         1.5
Hong Kong       1.5
Brazil          1
Chile           1
Czech Rep       1
Hungary         1
Korea           1
Mexico          1
Singapore       1
South Africa    1
Spain           1
Sweden          1
Uganda          1
Uruguay         1
Poland          0.5

total sectional: 171
female:           23.5
male:            147.5

There will be no "half women" or "half men" lecturing.
The fractions are due to averaging as mentioned above.
Assigning "correct" country affiliations is nontrivial
since various persons have double affiliations and
there are always some people "on the move". The list
on the Web will occasionally be updated so that the
current statistics may differ from the one on the
ICM 2010 Web server or the final one to be made at
the Congress.

In addition to the program determined by the PC there will,
of course, be other prominent lectures at ICM 2010:

- The ABEL LECTURE, sponsored by the Norwegian Academy of
   Sciences, will be delivered by S R Srinivasa Varadhan, USA.
   This is the first time that an Abel lecture is given at an ICM.
- The EMMY NOETHER LECTURE will be delivered by Idun Reiten,
   Norway. The series of Emmy Noether lectures at ICMs started in
   1994. These lectures have meanwhile become an ICM tradition.
   The Emmy Noether Lecturer was selected by a committee chaired
   by Cheryl Praeger.

IMU-Net will inform you about further ICM activities in future
IMU-Net issues.

Martin Groetschel
IMU Secretary

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