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  Second BMS Newsletter 2009

Dear Prof. Jose Vieitez,

It is my pleasure to present to you today the second BMS newsletter in 2009.
The summer term has been very exciting for the Berlin Mathematical School,
we inaugurated the new BMS Lounge at TU, and on May 7, 2009 the Scientific
Advisory Board of the BMS met for the first time.
Enjoy and please feel free to forward this to anyone interested in

Sincerely yours,

Professor Jürg Kramer
Chair of the Berlin Mathematical School

Inside BMS: "Big, International Family"

Agnieszka Miedlar from Poland, student in Phase II, has entered the BMS in
September 2007. Now she explains why she is glad to be part of the “big,
international family with mathematical roots”.

Read Agnieszka's

 Life in Berlin: The Opening of the BMS Lounge at TU

After the opening of the BMS lounges at HU in November 2007 and FU in July
2008, finally the lounge at TU has also opened its doors for the BMS
students. On June 15, after Keith Ball's BMS Friday lecture, BMS members and
guests celebrated the completion of the lounge at the TU.

More about the opening!<http://www.postina-net.de/redirect.php?id=2725368&U=NzQzNQ%3D%3D&V=Tg%3D%3D&PCT=false>

Inaugural Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board

On May 7, 2009, the Scientific Advisory Board of the BMS met for the first
time. Kurt Kutzler, the President of the BMS host institution TU Berlin, had
appointed six well-known mathematicians with experience in graduate
education to be members of the Advisory Board earlier in 2009.

Find out who is member of the Scientific Advisory

 Be Part of the Berlin Experience!
  Curious about our program? Would you like to study mathematics in
Germany’s capital together with students from all over the world? If you
like to join us in October 2010 please find further information below.

Find out, how to

  Did you know? Math in Berlin is featured on the new DFG ScienceTV!
  BMS Phase II student Wiebke Höhn and Marco Lübbecke from the Institute for
Mathematics at TU Berlin let us have a look behind the scenes at their
latest projects: They are looking for the fastest route from Berlin to
Munich and the shortest waiting times for busses and trains.

Read more and watch the

  The Upcoming BMS Fridays
  Typically, there is a BMS colloquium every other Friday afternoon in the
BMS Loft at Urania during term time. BMS Friday colloquia usually start at
2:00 pm.

To the Upcoming BMS

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