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The "Coimbra Group Scholarships Programme for Young Professors and 
Researchers from Latin American Universities" was launched for the first 
time on January 2004. This initiative, which offers grants to finance 
short-term research visits, aims at favouring mobility and academic 
exchange between both regions.

The Coimbra Group, an association of 38 European universities, with the 
interest of promoting the exchange between European and Latin American 
researchers and academics, launches this call for applications for 
research visit grants. Grants are normally admitted for a period of 3 to 
6 months at one of the Coimbra Group universities listed in Annex 1.

Twelve Coimbra Group Universities participated in the 2006 and 2007 
editions of the programme which offered 24 scholarships. In the first 
edition of 2008, 32 scholarships were available from 17 Coimbra Group 
Universities. The CG Universities took a second round for 2008, offering 
11 extra scholarships.

<>The following 18 Coimbra Group universities are participating in the 
2009-2010 edition of the scheme:

-University of Aarhus

-Åbo Akademi University

-University of Barcelona

-University of Coimbra

-University of Geneva

-University of Göttingen

-University of Granada

-University of Groningen

-Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

-University of Jena

-University of Leiden

-University of Leuven

-University of Louvain

-University of Padova

-University of Salamanca

-University of Siena

-University of Thessaloniki

-University of Turku


1. To be resident at present in a Latin American country (see Annex 2).

2. To hold a university degree or equivalent.

<>3. To be linked as a professor or researcher to a Latin American 
University recognised as such by the authorities of the country.

<>4. To undertake, through the Coimbra Group Office in Brussels, the 
electronic application process for the recipient university.

5. Candidates should be under 40 years old when submitting the application.


<>The online application is available between 19 January 2009 and 15 
MARCH 2009 on the Coimbra Group website: 
(http://www.coimbra-group.eu/hospitality/01-LA-Scholarships.php). The 
application must be accompanied by an electronic Curriculum Vitae.
<>The following documentation must be sent by post (the date of the 
postmark must be 15 March at the latest) to the address:

Coimbra Group Office

Egmontstraat 11, rue d’Egmont

BE-1000 Brussels


-Certified photocopies of university diplomas.

-Explanatory report of the work programme to be pursued at the recipient 
university (max. 1000 words).

-Acceptance (letter or email) by the tutor/partner with whom the work 
programme will be carried out.

-Document certifying knowledge of the language required by the recipient 

-Document certifying that the applicant is linked to a Latin American 
university as a professor or researcher.

<>Dates and structure of the visit, which will be carried out in the 
academic year 2009- 2010 at the hosting university, will be agreed upon 
with the tutor/partner.


The administrative check of applications will be undertaken by the 
Coimbra Group Office to select candidates who meet the eligibility 
criteria. The selection of candidates will be undertaken by the host 
institution. The TFLA scientific committee will give final approval of 
the selection. When selection has been agreed upon, the host university 
may send a letter of invitation directly to the successful candidate. 
The Coimbra Group Office will contact all candidates and inform them 
about the result of their application. Successful candidates who are 
currently employed by a University are responsible for ensuring that 
their home institution will grant them leave of absence to undertake the 
proposed visit.

The final selection will be made in accordance with the following criteria:

-Academic skills of the applicant.

-Experience as a professor or/and researcher.

-Curriculum Vitae assessment.

-Coherence between the programme proposed by the applicant and his/her 
academic background and experience.

-Immediate benefits of the research visit for the academic and 
scientific future of the candidate and of the participating institutions.


-Comply with the legal requirements (in terms of insurance, visa, etc.) 
of the host country.

-Include a mention of the Coimbra Group Scholarship in case the results 
of the investigation carried out are published.

<>-Send to the Coimbra Group Office a letter of acceptance of the 
scholarship, including the acceptance of the scholarship on the 
conditions offered by the university in which he/she was accepted and 
with the benefits outlined in Annex 1 of this Call for Applications. In 
this letter the grant holder should also declare that he/she will send, 
within four weeks after finishing his/her visit, a short report (two 
pages) on the research visit carried out (a model for the report will be 

POR MÁS INFORMACIÓN: Contactar a Catarina Moreiro: 
moleiro en coimbra-group.eu <mailto:moleiro en coimbra-group.eu>, y visitar la 
página web: 
http://www.coimbra-group.eu/hospitality/01-LA-Scholarships.php (Annex 1, 
Annex 2)

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