[Todos CMAT] seminario de sistemas dinamico

Federico Rodriguez Hertz - IMERL frhertz en fing.edu.uy
Mar Ago 18 17:54:28 UYT 2009

nos esta visitando Vaughn Climenhaga de la universidad Penn State, esta
terminando su doctorado con Yasha Pesin y va a hablar en el seminario de
Sistemas Dinamicos el viernes 21 a las 14:30 hs, titulo y abstract abajo.
Estan todos invitados,
Titulo: Bowen's equation and multifractal analysis

Abstgract: The classical version of Bowen's equation ($P(-t \log |f'|) = 0$)
relates a thermodynamic quantity (the topological pressure) and a
dimensional quantity (the Hausdorff dimension of a conformal repeller).
 Further relationships between the thermodynamic formalism and dimension
theory occur in multifractal analysis, which characterises dynamical systems
and invariant measures in terms of asymptotic scaling quantities which vary
from point to point.  However, most results have been obtained in an ad hoc
manner, and are only valid for specific classes of systems.  We show that
certain relationships hold even in the most general setting, and examine
what requirements a system must satisfy in order for the full analysis to be
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