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Mar Abr 1 09:50:43 UYT 2008

Dear Colleague:

Through the generosity of the Niels Henrik Abel Foundation and the
active involvement of the International Mathematical Union, ICTP has
established the "Ramanujan Prize for Mathematicians from Developing
Countries", whose terms and conditions are laid out below.

The Prize will be awarded once every year for the highest mathematical
achievement, defined without being needlessly constraining, by young
researchers from developing countries, defined according to the United
Nations classification, who conduct their research in a developing
country. The recipient must be less than 45 years old on December 31 of
the year for which the award is given. The Prize amount will be 10,000
US dollars. It is expected that the Prize Winner will visit ICTP during
the year of the award or the following year, depending on the
circumstances, and deliver the Prize lecture to a mixed audience of
non-specialist scientists. The Prize will normally be awarded to one
person, but, in exceptional circumstances, may be shared equally among
recipients who have substantially contributed to the same body of work.

I would appreciate it greatly if you would consider nominating a
suitable candidate and bring the enclosed announcement to the wide
attention of your community. The nominations should describe the work
of the nominee in adequate detail, and two supporting letters should be

As we all know, Ramanujan's mathematics was of the highest level of
beauty, and the story of his accomplishments is nothing short of a
major miracle, given Ramanujan's isolation before he was brought by
Hardy for a few years to Cambridge, England. We hope that the Prize
winners will do adequate justice to Ramanujan's name. We have already
gone through three editions and the prize winners in order are
Professor Marcelo A. Viana from IMPA, Brazil, Professor Ramdorai
Sujatha, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India and
Professor Jorge Lauret,Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina. We
expect that the subsequent prize winners would be of similar quality.

With best regards,

Sincerely yours,

K.R. Sreenivasan
Abdus Salam Research Professor
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