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UK Dynamical Systems Graduate Schools

Stochastic and Random Dynamics.  -  Final announcement

Imperial College London, 19-23 November

Vitor Araujo (UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro)
An Introduction to stochastic stability for discrete dynamical systems
Alexander Bufetov (Rice University, USA)
An introduction to entropy
Jean-Rene Chazottes (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris)
An introduction to fluctuations of observables in ergodic theory
Greg Pavliotis (Imperial College London)
An introduction to random perturbations in continuous time

Please see the school web page for further details and timetable.
Please distribute this announcement as widely as possible.

Please note: All participants to the school MUST register as we need
accurate data on number of participants. There is a registration fee to 
us cover basic costs but this fee can be waived for participants who do 
have funds to cover it.

Analysis and Applications of Partial Differential Equations

Surrey University, 7-10th January 2008

A short course aimed at PhD students, titled
`Analysis and Applications of Partial Differential Equations'
will take place at the University of Surrey from
7-10th January 2008. The course aims to give PhD students
a background in various topics in the study of partial
differential equations arising in applied problems. Lectures
will be given by experts in energy methods, variational methods,
maximum principles, matched asymptotic expansions and attractors.
The course website is at


We would be grateful if you could forward this to any PhD students
in your department who may be interested.

Many thanks.
Stephen Gourley and Michele Bartuccelli



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