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> Dear Colleague:
> Through the generosity of the Niels Henrik Abel Foundation and the
> strong involvement of the International Mathematics Union, we have
> established the "Ramanujan Prize for Mathematicians from Developing
> Countries", whose terms and conditions are laid out below.
> The Prize will be awarded once every year for the highest mathematical
> achievement, defined without being needlessly constraining, by young
> researchers from developing countries, defined according to the United
> Nations classification, who conduct their research in a developing
> country. The recipient must be less than 45 years old on December 31 of
> the year for which the award is given. The Prize amount will be
> $10,000. It is expected that the Prize Winner will visit ICTP during
> the year of the award or the following year, depending on the
> circumstances, and deliver the Prize lecture to a mixed audience of
> non-specialist scientists. The Prize will normally be awarded to one
> person, but, in exceptional circumstances, may be shared equally among
> recipients who have substantially contributed to the same body of work.
> I would appreciate it if the enclosed announcement could be brought to
> the
> wide attention of your community. I hope you will consider nominating a
> suitable
> candidate yourself. The nominations should describe the work of the
> nominee
> in adequate detail. Two supporting letters should also be arranged.
> As we all know, Ramanujan's mathematics was of the highest level of
> beauty and rigor, and the story of his accomplishments was nothing
> short of a major miracle, given Ramanujan's isolation before he was
> brought by Hardy for a few years to Cambridge, England. We hope that the
> Prize winners will do adequate justice to Ramanujan's name.
> With best regards,
> Sincerely yours,
> K.R. Sreenivasan
> Abdus Salam Research Professor
> Director


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