[Todos CMAT] escuela de verano metodos geometricos en teoria de representaciones

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me llego la informacion sobre una escuela de verano en el Institut Fourier,
Grenoble, que puede interesar.
son tres semanas dos decursos, una de exposiciones avanzadas.

summer school in mathematics 2008.
Geometric methods in representation theory
16 de Junio al 4 de julio

pagina web: http://leleu.ujf-grenoble.fr/ECOLETE/ecole2008/WEB/indexeng.html

sigue informacion sobre la escuela

Summer schools in mathematics have been organized by the Institut Fourier
for many years. They are open to researchers and graduate students from all
over the world. The sessions are held in the building of the Institut
Fourier, during 3 weeks. They usually host between 50 and 70 participants,
selected from applications. Each week, there are about 24 hours of courses,
conferences and seminars, on themes that are renewed every year.

The theme of the 2008 school is the theory of quiver representations, in its
algebraic and geometric aspects. In this subject, there have been important
advances during the last twenty-five years (work of Lusztig, Nakajima, King,
Crawley-Boevey...), in relation to algebraic geometry (McKay correspondence,
punctual Hilbert schemes, geometric invariant theory) and to other domains
of representation theory (quantum groups, canonical bases).

The school will aim at presenting an overview of the subject, with its
algebraic aspects (which only require small prerequisites of representation
theory), and its more advanced geometric aspects. The latter play a very
important role in recent developments.

The first two weeks will be devoted to fundamental courses aimed at
pre-graduate and graduate students; these courses will present the basic
notions of the domain, and the main directions of research. The third week
will consist of seminar talks on the latest developments.

List of confirmed speakers:

   - J. BERTIN (Grenoble)
   - M. BRION (Grenoble)
   - P. CALDERO (Lyon)
   - V. GINZBURG (Chicago)
   - I. GORDON (Edinburgh)
   - J.C. JANTZEN (Aarhus)
   - L. HILLE (Bielefeld)
   - B. LECLERC (Caen)
   - M.REINEKE (Wuppertal)
   - R. ROUQUIER (Oxford)
   - O. SCHIFFMANN (Paris)
   - M. VAN DEN BERGH (Hasselt)

 List of confirmed courses:

First week (June 16th - 20 th):
Quiver representations (Reineke)
Punctual Hilbert schemes (Bertin/Brion)
McKay correspondence (Gonzalez-Sprinberg)
Hall algebras (Schiffman)

Second week (June 23rd - 27th:
Crystal bases and Fock space (Leclerc)
Haiman's work on the n! theorem, and beyond (Gordon)
Nakajima varieties (Ginzburg)
Hamiltonian reduction (Jantzen)
Canonical bases and moduli spaces (Schiffmann)
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