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<>Se describe el Programa de Becas de perfeccionamiento académico en 
estudios canadienses. Se envía en el adjunto el formulario para las 
personas interesadas en presentarse




The Government of Canada is pleased to announce the 2006 competition 
under the Canadian Studies Faculty Enrichment Award Program for course 
development, including travel, to be undertaken during the period April 
1, 2007--February 28, 2008. The deadline for applications is NOVEMBER 
30, 2006. An application form is attached.

This program of support is designed to increase knowledge and 
understanding of Canada abroad by assisting academics in higher 
education institutions to develop and teach courses about Canada in 
their own discipline, as part of their regular teaching load. The 
program enables academic award holders to come to Canada and gather the 
necessary information and material to devise a new course on Canada, or 
to modify or extend significantly the Canadian component of an existing 
course(s). Comparative courses may be regarded as “courses on Canada” 
where not less than 50% of the teaching time is spent on the Canadian 

Disciplines lending themselves most readily to Canadian Studies course 
development are the social sciences and the humanities, such as business 
studies, economics, law, international relations, history, politics, 
sociology, geography, arts, literature in English or French, 
linguistics, education, communications policy, media studies, planning, 
science policy, social administration, environmental studies, 
architecture, and other related fields.

[Purely scientific subjects such as physics, chemistry, medicine, 
engineering, etc., which would not lead to a better knowledge and 
understanding of Canada per se are not eligible, nor are proposals which 
focus exclusively on technological or methodological issues].


Applicants must be:

- teaching members of the academic staff of a recognized institution of 
higher education or equivalent degree-granting institute in Uruguay; 
(part-time lecturers and teaching assistants are not eligible);

- proficient in either English or French.

In addition, while not mandatory, applicants should provide evidence of 
their interest in or involvement with Canada prior to the application, 
if such has been the case. This may be demonstrated by courses they have 
already given, research they have undertaken, extra-mural activities, or 
active membership in the Association for Canadian Studies.

Recipients of an award under this program are not eligible to apply in 
consecutive competitions. There will normally also be a period of 3 
years between awards, unless the second course proposal is on a 
different topic and the course from the first award is still being 
taught. For example, a 2005-06 recipient cannot apply in the 2006-07 
competition, but can apply in the 2007-08 competition if the new course 
proposal is on a different topic and the course derived from the first 
award is still being taught; to upgrade and update the course derived 
from the 2005-06 award, one will only be eligible to apply in the 
2008-09 competition.


The award will consist of a contribution towards international airfare 
of up to $1,650Cdn for destinations in Eastern and Central Canada, and 
$2,000Cdn for destinations in Western Canada and British Columbia, and 
an allowance of $800Cdn per complete week of stay in Canada to assist 
with costs of domestic travel and living expenses for a maximum of four 


The Government of Canada, through the Canadian Embassy, Montevideo, will 
make grants to successful candidates on condition that the candidate 
must give a written undertaking on his/her own behalf that:

- he/she will normally be employed as a teaching member of the academic 
staff at the institution where he/she is currently employed for at least 
one full academic year following the period of the award;

- he/she will begin to teach the new course or part-courses related to 
the award no later than the academic year following the period of the award;

- as much as possible, he/she will offer the course developed as a 
result of this award, at least three times during the six academic years 
following the period of the award;

- the course on Canada to be given as a result of the award will be new 
or considerably modified or extended version of a course previously 
taught by the applicant and will treat one or more aspect of Canadian 
Studies in a substantive way;

- he/she will make all arrangements relating to the visit, including:

- international travel,

- visa and passport (if needed),

- accommodation and travel within Canada,

- medical insurance while in Canada,

- visit plans, including inter alia appointments with Canadian academics 
and other resource persons, access to libraries, study centres, etc.;

- the period to which the award will apply will be used exclusively for 
study designed to enhance the award holder’s capability to teach about 
Canada; the award will not be used to pursue research in conjunction 
with another project; and, where supplemental funding is obtained from 
elsewhere, the time devoted to professional development under this 
program will be at least proportional to the ratio of the value of this 
award that of the total income received;

- he/she will remain in Canada throughout the period to which the award 

- a report detailing the professional activities undertaken during the 
visit to Canada and including the new course outline developed as a 
result of the award will be sent to the Canadian Embassy within 60 days 
of the completion of the trip or no later than March 1st of the 
following year. Failure to provide such documentation by that date may 
result in the forfeiture of the final payment of the award.


Applications, as well as requests for information, must be submitted 
through the Canadian Embassy in Montevideo:

Gustavo Dans

Centro de Estudios Canada-Uruguay (C.E.C.U.)

San Jose 871/208

Tel.: (598-2) 900 7203

Fax: (598-2) 900 6015

E-mail: cecuuy en adinet.com.uy

An application dossier will consist of FIVE copies of the filled out 
application form accompanied by a concise curriculum vitae.


All applications will be peer-reviewed by a pre-selection jury 
established by the Canadian Embassy, Montevideo. The jury will include 
representatives of the Uruguayan academic community and, when possible, 
several Canadian academics.

Pertinent criteria will be:

- academic excellence of the proposal;

-relevance of the proposal to Canadian Studies;

-feasibility of the proposal.

Thereafter, the pre-selection jury may also recommend a reasonable 
balance between disciplines to accomplish harmonious development of 
teaching about Canada, e.g. English literature, French literature, 
political science, history, geography, business, economics, law, etc.

The International Academic Relations Division of Foreign Affairs Canada, 
in Ottawa, will make final decisions following review of complete 
applications and recommendations of the pre-selection jury.

All applicants will be notified in writing of the results of their 
application, normally within 90 days of the deadline for submission of 


Successful candidates will be sent a Grant Agreement detailing the value 
and conditions of the award. It must be signed and returned to the 
Canadian Embassy within 30 days.

An instalment of 70% of the award will be paid to the recipients upon 
receipt of the signed Grant Agreement by the Canadian Embassy, and 
normally six weeks before departure for Canada. The remaining 30% of the 
award will be paid upon return from Canada and upon submission to the 
Canadian Embassy of the visit report and new course outline, as per the 
terms and condition of the award.


Inés Infante
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad de la República
Iguá 4225

(598.2) 525.86.18 - 22 /122

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