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Jue Nov 23 11:26:29 UYT 2006

Esteemed Colleagues:

The Colloquium Matematicae Manolo Oleis has the pleasure to invite you to this
year's final expository lecture, to be followed by a toast.

The lecture will be delivered by distinguished profesor PHD. Alvaro Rovella
fellow of the Royal Society for the Advancement of Third-World Culture.  The
subject matter "Harmonic Functions and Oleis Factorization" is one in which the
profesor has been a lead researcher, making several revolutionary contributions
over the past 50 years.  After the lecture the profesor has been kind enough to
agree to 10 minutes for the audiences questions.

This years Colloquim is hosted in honor of founding member Manolo Oleis on the
occation of his 60th birthday.  As always only the most select group of
researchers have been allowed to speak.  We have had standard setting lectures
on subjects as diverse as General Relativity, Hopf Álgebras, and Differentiable
Dynamical Systems.  The Colloquim has established it's reputation as one of the
high points in contemporary mathematical culture, and is well directed towards
it's stated goal of "Leading inovation in Science by the advancement of

The audience is expected to attend the CMAT lecture hall at 18:15 exactly,
respecting our custumary (formal) dress code.

Kindest Regards,

Pablo Lessa,
Chairman of the Colloquim Matematicae Manolo Oleis,
Member With Veto Rights.

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