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A solicitud del titular de este e-mail y teniendo en cuenta la posibilidad 
de que sea de utilidad para estudiantes uruguayos, envío este e-mail al todos.
Espero que a alguien le sirva

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>>  I would greatly appreciate if you could disseminate the
>>annoucement of our course in your Institution and in your regional
>>mailing lists:
>>"Bioinformatics and Comparative Genome Analysis" which will take
>>place in The Institut Pasteur of Tunis - Tunisia
>>from march 18 to April 8, 2007. (see the web page below).
>>Accepted candidates have to pay only their travel fees,
>>accomodation and meals are free.
>>We look forward having at least one of your students/postdocs to
>>participate to the course.
>>With kind regards
>>Fredj Tekaia
>>Course announcement ­ Call for application
>>Bioinformatics and Comparative Genome Analysis
>>March 19 ­ April 7, 2007.
>>Institut Pasteur Tunis ­Tunisia.
>>Application deadline: December 31, 2006.
>>Program and application forms: http://www.pasteur.fr/~tekaia/BCGA.html
>>Aim of the course:
>>The principle objectives of the course are to familiarize young
>>(Biologists/Informaticians/Mathematicians) with bioinformatics and
>>genome data analyses skills and to encourage multi-disciplinarity
>>by introducing:
>>         1- advanced fundamental algorithms in bioinformatics,
>>         2- their application in genome analyses,
>>         3- and recent knowledge acquired from genomes studies.
>>The course is aimed for researchers and graduate students from
>>Institutions in Africa, Asia, South and central America, interested in
>>Bioinformatics and Genome Analysis. There are 20 places available
>>for the
>>course. Acceptance will be subject to selection process and
>>preference will
>>be given to research scientists from the International Network of
>>Pasteur Institutions and to FEBS members.
>>Besides the accepted students, conferences and talks which will
>>take place
>>during the third week of the course, are open to interested
>>students/postdocs/collegues, particularly those from Tunisia (see
>>Duration: From March 18th to April 7th 2007: the two first weeks are
>>programmed for courses and practical sessions and a third week is
>>for conferences and talks.
>>Location:Institut Pasteur of Tunis. 13, place Pasteur, BP 741002
>>Tunis -
>>Venue: accomodation and social: The 20 participants will be staying
>>in a Hotel
>>situated close to the Institut Pasteur Tunis.Acceptance to the course
>>includes free accommodation (in double rooms) breakfast, lunch and
>>Organizing Committee:
>>Alia Benkahla
>>Institut Pasteur of Tunis
>>Alia.Benkahla en pasteur.rns.tn
>>Ahmed Rebai
>>Centre Biotechnologie Sfax
>>ahmed.rebai en cbs.rnrt.tn
>>Fredj Tekaia
>>Insitut Pasteur Paris
>>tekaia en pasteur.fr
>>Edouard Yeramian
>>Insitut Pasteur Paris
>>yeramian en pasteur.fr
>Todos mailing list
>Todos en fcien.edu.uy
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Dr. J. R. Sotelo
Head of the Department of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Clemente Estable (IIBCE)
Av. Italia 3318, C.P. 11600
Montevideo, Uruguay
Phone: (5982) 487 16 21, ext. 170 or 172
FAX: (5982) 487 55 48
E-mail: sotelo en iibce.edu.uy
Home address: Palomeque 534
Home phone: (5982) 305 5712
Course-Symposium EMBO-ICRO-UNESCO-IUBMB, October 2005

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